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We offer the best options for energy migration contracts to the Free Market, providing savings and flexibility in managing your consumption.

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Reduce your expenses with the best energy contracts!

Migrating to the Free Energy Market with HX Power puts you in control and allows your company to thrive while contributing to a more sustainable future. Join us to enjoy these benefits and more!

Invoice analysis charts
Invoice analysis charts

What is the Free Energy Market?

The Free Energy Market is a business environment where buyers and sellers can voluntarily trade electrical energy. In Brazil, the Free Market was created in 2004 and currently has the participation of more than 15 thousand consumers, mostly industries and large companies.

  • Up to 40% savings on the electricity bill
  • Protection against Tariff Flags
  • Freedom to choose the energy supplier
  • Budget predictability
  • Purchase of renewable energy
  • Same energy price at any time of day
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HX POWER: Boost your savings with our technology

Our platform provides the best migration contract alternatives, offering opportunities to save on your energy bill and providing greater flexibility in managing your consumption.

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Migrating to the Free Energy Market with HX Power offers several advantages:

Cost reduction

We examine all the specifics of your electrical energy contract, including rates, deadlines, supplier history, and other critical factors.

Presentation of the Best Options

We compare your contract with various options in the Free Energy Market. We seek the most advantageous and personalized contract for your needs.

Access to renewable energy

Demonstrate your environmental commitment and obtain fiscal benefits by choosing sustainable options. Stand out positively with customers and partners.

Specialized support

Our team of experts is ready to guide and answer all your questions during the migration process.

Simplified migration

With HX Power, the transition to the Free Energy Market is smooth. Carry out the entire process on the platform, with continuous support from our team.

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Start Your Savings Journey with us!

Free platform

Have Energy Management and access to information from your history, analyses of the Captive Market and Free Market.

Who can migrate?

As of January 2024, all companies classified as high and medium voltage (Group A) will have the freedom to choose their electrical energy supplier!


Those who migrate to the Free Market have up to a 45% reduction in the energy bill!

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Choose your role

Select your role on the platform below and start enjoying exclusive benefits that match your function. Let's together transform the energy market.


For you who want to trade and help consumers in the Free Energy Market
  • Business opportunity
  • Flexibility
  • Consumer profile report


For you who want to save by migrating to the Free Energy Market
  • Savings with energy costs
  • Migration to the Free Energy Market
  • Greater control and flexibility
  • Access to sustainable energy options


For you who want to reach new customers and migrate them to the Free Energy Market
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Discover how in 5 steps:

Migrating to the Free Energy Market with HX Power puts you in control and allows your company to thrive while contributing to a more sustainable future. Join us to enjoy these benefits and more!

Sign up

Access the platform and register. Register your facilities to get started.

Attach your energy bill

The platform will process the data to understand your consumption and rates, offering views for optimization.


Provide the regulated market contract expiration date. The platform will consider this when recommending contracts and migration deadlines.

Track your journey

HX Power offers a personalized timeline to track each stage of migration. Stay informed about the status and know when everything will be completed.

Choose the Best Contract

Select the option that best suits your energy savings needs, maintaining total control over your decision.

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You are not alone on this journey!

We understand that understanding your energy bill and controlling consumption can be challenging. That's why we provide a team of highly qualified experts, ready to help at every step of the migration process.

Fill out the form on the side, and we will contact you to provide the personalized support you need:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Free Energy Market

The Free Energy Market is an environment in which large energy consumers have the freedom to choose their electrical energy supplier, negotiate customized contracts, and obtain more advantageous commercial conditions. In contrast, the Captive Market is regulated, and consumers have only one energy supplier option.

    Large energy consumers such as industries, businesses, and medium to large establishments. As of January 2024, all companies classified as high and medium voltage (Group A) will have the freedom to choose their electrical energy supplier!

      Migrating to the Free Energy Market offers benefits such as the possibility of negotiating contracts directly with suppliers, flexibility in prices, cost reduction, and greater control over energy consumption.

        Migrating to the Free Energy Market offers various benefits, such as:

        • Possibility of obtaining more competitive rates and reducing costs with electrical energy.
        • Flexibility in contract negotiation, allowing adjustments to the specific needs of the company.
        • Access to renewable energy sources and the opportunity to promote environmental sustainability.

        HX Power Platform Features

        The HX Power platform is a free solution that facilitates the choice of the best energy contract in the Free Market and analysis of your bill in the Captive Market. It gathers information about service packages from various traders, allowing you to compare available options and make more informed decisions.

          It's simple! Just register for free on the HX Power platform. You will have access to information about your current contract in the Captive Market along with a detailed analysis and service packages from traders. You can compare prices, terms, and contractual conditions and choose the contract that best suits your needs.

            The HX Power platform is a specialized solution for indicating the best migration contracts in the Free Energy Market. We offer the following services:

            • Detailed analysis of available contracts and rates, considering the specific needs of each client.
            • Comparison between different supplier and plan options, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of each one.
            • Specialized support throughout the migration process, assisting in negotiation and decision-making.

            By using the HX Power platform, you need to provide some information and enter your energy bills; the registration is straightforward and quick. Based on this data, our platform conducts a thorough analysis of available contracts, taking into account various factors such as rates, terms, flexibility, and supplier history.

              The use of the HX Power platform is free for users. We do not charge for access to information, contract analysis, or the recommendation of the best migration contracts. However, it is worth noting that any costs associated with the chosen supplier's contract are the responsibility of the client.

                Yes, the HX Power platform adopts rigorous security measures to protect your data. We use encrypted technologies and guarantee the confidentiality of the information provided.

                  Certainly! The HX Power platform offers support throughout the Free Energy Market migration process. Our team is available to answer questions, provide guidance, and assist in choosing the most suitable contract.

                    You can contact our support team through the contact form available on our support page or through our chat located https://hvex.com.br/support. We are ready to answer your questions and provide assistance throughout the migration process.